The latest print:  B18-03, size varied, Piezography on cotton rag paper

For more info about Piezography process see here.

Available Prints

These prints started out as a single work for a group exhibition in a news print publication.  But as I was finishing the piece, it became obvious that it had to be explored (You can read about the printing process here).

The print project is very interesting in that it combines aspects of my other works.  Many layers from many fields contribute in forming a cohesive whole in a relatively simple, limited palette.  And I do feel that I am utilizing perspectives and approaches that I have cultivated through photography, drawing, sculpture, painting and etc.

The print project is also interesting in two related aspects.  First, it strongly involves the subtle quality, which is very hard to see on screen (in fact the images shown here are only the starting points as they are tweaked in the process of printing). Second, it allows me to produce multiples, which can be made available to more people.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing the prints.  Your support will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.