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These sculptures basically grew out of my paintings.  My interest in the object-like quality of paintings–as opposed to paintings as windows to peek in–and my interest in the physical qualities of them–textures, punctured painted ground, rough edges around the loose canvas and so on–gave me the starting point.  The flat expressions became boxes, shaped surfaces, reliefs, and etc., and eventually they came out of the wall.

So the surface of a piece gets full attention as much as the form in the space.  The spontaneous burst of visual narratives, painstaking layering process of adding and subtracting, and suggested depth of the illusionary space on the surface, all of these interact with the form in the space.

This approach helps the piece to stay flexible during the long process of making up till the very final stage.

May 29th, 2015

Please contact Bookstein Projects for more information on the sculptures.