Home Town Show

Home Town Show
September 16, 2009 Hiroyuki Hamada

Ten years after moving to East Hampton, I am about to have my first solo
show in the area.  My connection to East Hampton is merely coincidental.
I invited myself over to live with my then girl friend (now my wife), a writer,
Evan Harris, in 1999.  We met at one of the artist residencies (McDowell
Colony) in 1998.  After the residency was over, Evan decided to move
back to her home town, which was East Hampton, from New York City.
I moved from Union City, New Jersey where I lived in one of the sweat
shop buildings illegally (oh, the good old days…).

Ten years can be a while.  We now live in a semi-country setting with
two dogs and a vegetable garden.  We have produced two small children
(five and three year old boys).  And we have made many friends in the
area.  This is our home that I feel to belong.  So having a show here is a
very special event.

The show will be at Salomon Contemporary Warehouse.  The opening
is on Sunday 11 October 2009, 4 to 7 PM.  The show will be up though
Sunday 15 November.  The gallery is open Saturday and Sunday noon to 4 and
by appointment.