New Sculpture, #82

New Sculpture, #82
February 8, 2018 Hiroyuki Hamada

I’m happy with how the new piece turned out. It is interesting that a few years of going back to paintings makes me more perceptive of the sculptural element, which, in turn, makes me feel different possibilities in the 3D realm.

For we the artists, every decision we make comes with an element of unknown. The framework we cling onto, as we scream against injustice, inhumanity, exploitation and subjugation, makes sure that the unknown is minimized for maximum profits and productivity.

The inherent contradiction and hypocrisy, which reside in the essence of the hierarchy of money and violence, hurt us and reward us in shaping our behaviors in upholding the framework that can vehemently deny our urge to dive into the unknown at times. In that sense, every artist can be a revolutionary at heart in some sense.

Having said that, it is rather humbling to experience my perceptions and actions shift so drastically based on the material reality and dialectic dynamics surrounding my studio process.

Art making is so powerful yet it is so fragile, especially in our time.

82, 78 x 61 x 26 inches, pigmented resin, 2017-18