Working with 7th graders

Working with 7th graders
May 23, 2011 Hiroyuki Hamada

I’ve been working with 7th graders to put up a show.  There is a fancy private school in my area with a
program that lets the kids pick artists, interview them, do studio visits, curate a show with them, make
a catalog, do the opening, and do everything else that’s involved in doing an official exhibition for the public.

OK, they are 7th graders so they get help from their teacher.  Sue Heatley, besides working at the school,
is also a sculptor herself and she is experienced in working with art institutions.  Please do not underestimate
the tremendous feat of giving a good educational experience to a few dozen 7th graders while organizing
a professional looking show!  She’s done a great job.

I will have three pieces in the show.  And Drew will also have 3  pieces.  Let’s show up for the opening and make
the kids happy!

Here is the info about the show from the school:

The Ross School Gallery presents its annual student-curated exhibition,
highlighting the work of professional artists from the community. This year’s
theme is “Passion and Process.” Curated by Ross School seventh graders,
under the direction of art teacher Sue Heatley, the show will feature works
by Hiroyuki Hamada and Drew Shiflett.  The students will host an Opening
Reception on Wednesday, May 25, from 4 to 6pm. The public is invited.

As in past years, the students took on various rolls to organize and present the
show: they visited the artists in their studios, selected work, designed the
installation, organized publicity, and wrote and produced a catalogue.

They also had the opportunity to work with each of the artists in their studios
and will showcase their creations alongside the artists in the show.

Mr. Hamada’s sculptures start with wood, foam and plaster, and they are
finished with textured and painted surfaces. Ms. Shiflett uses handmade papers,
pencil and ink, watercolor and conte crayon with, as she says, “a focus on line,
light, and texture” to create intricately detailed pieces that fall somewhere between
drawing, painting and sculpture. The work of both artists is the result of very
time-consuming and detailed processes.

“Passion and Process” will be on view at the Ross Gallery through June 15.