Preview of Arts Center at Duck Creek show

Preview of Arts Center at Duck Creek show
May 31, 2019 Hiroyuki Hamada

My show at Arts Center at Duck Creek opens tomorrow. I’m truly mesmerized by the warm, rustic aura of the space. The raw dynamics of wooden structural members holding each other to become a monumental shelter conveys a timeless notion of a gathering place for the people. It is a perfect place for my paintings to tell their stories of being human and what it is to live. I’m truly grateful for the wisdom of the community members to transform the space for arts, community dialogues, music and much more.

We will have an extended opening 5 to 8 tomorrow, June 1st. The Arts Center will have some food, I will make some sushi roles, and my wife is going to bake cookies.

The show will be open Thursday to Monday 11-6pm and by appointment through June 23rd.

As I said I will be at the Arts Center most of the time. Looking forward see some of you there!